Top 6 Lessons from My First Corporate Job

At the age of 20, I graduated from university. For 4 years, I studied to be a graphic designer in a beautiful campus in Katipunan. By graduation, I was well-aware of 2 verily inconvenient truths: I hated designing – yet can appreciate good design when I see it – and most importantly, I was horrible […]

When Your Misery Becomes Your Ministry

I struggled with depression early on in my life. There were no wild moments, which caused this relentless, even crippling awareness of life and its breadth. I come from a good, nurturing family, an established high school yet time and time again, I found myself undeniably sad. On good days, I was simply brooding yet […]

Things I’m Still Learning at 23

I like 23. Wait, I actually love 23. I wish I could stay 23 because this time, I actually (try to) make good choices. 23 is an age of perfectly balanced careless abandon and adventure, righteous selfishness and responsibility, forgivable youth and self-limitation. It is all sorts of (crazy) wonderful and exhilarating. Do not be […]