Fading Acne Scars with Dear, Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop

in at May 9, 2017

Dear, Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop (Althea Korea, P1,010)

I’ve been suffering from the worst breakout of my life since February. It started with a huge pimple on my nose, then it transferred on my cheeks and chin. The constellation of distressing acne’s made me so insecure. I took a break from my BB Cream and went back to my full-coverage foundation, the Flormar Mat Touch Foundation. I lessened my use of *blinding* highlight because it accentuates texture on my skin. Most days, I don’t wear make-up at all. Trying to find the cause, I’ve reduced my skin care routine to the basics – cleanser, toner, eye cream, moisturizer – and removed any new products I was trying – essence, sunscreen – during the period when it all began. I stopped drinking coffee for a while and drank tea. I slept, a lot. I find it so strange, considering just a week before said dilemma, I had the best skin of my life.

My skin is healing with the help of the potent The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil – diluted in my moisturizer but, as per usual, I’m left with very bad scarring and hyperpigmentation. From past experience, these fade in months so I eventually gave in and purchased the much talked about K-Beauty multitasker: the Dear, Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop. It was 30% off during Althea Korea’s Trendy Best-Sellers Sale! I’ve incorporated it in my regimen for the past 2 months, and let me tell you something, it is liquid gold.

How do I use it? 

I immediately used it the day it arrived after my (recently emptied) Inisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask. The combination is divine; I’ve never had smoother skin in my life! Once applied to the face, it feels warm and greasy but the slight discomfort fades. This makes my skin extra dewy. Great amount of pure Vitamin C can be harmful to skin, so I use this once a day (night) as a serum all over my face – after my toner and before my eye cream and moisturizer. Half the dropper is more than enough! If you plan on using it in the morning, don’t forget to apply sunscreen since you’re more susceptible to UV rays.

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What does it do? 

It evens out my skin tone – from all the years I refused to wear sunscreen. It’s made my skin so much brighter that I became a foundation shade, or two, lighter. This may be a big no-no for some people, so just a head’s up. In a few days, it changed the texture of my skin; my face feels like a baby’s bottom! In a few weeks, it’s recognizable how my acne scars have faded; others have completely disappeared! It contains Centella asiatica, commonly known to treat wounds. This claims to shrink pores but I can’t attest to that because I already have small pores. This is recommended, even for sensitive skin types, but if you’re wary, you can always mix it with your moisturizer to dilute it.

If you have stubborn acne scars or pigmentation that just won’t go away, this really does the job. Believe me when I say that it’s magic in a bottle!

Elisa Aquino

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