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5 Reminders For Your 20s

I’m turning 25 in a couple of months, and I don’t have life figured out – will I ever?

There are days when my bank account is close to empty, when I only go to a doctor’s appointment…when I have my parents with me, when I get anxious going to the airport and the bank, plus many other things I’m embarrassed to even put into words. I’m clumsily chasing possibilities, praying my soul’s intentions remain victorious over the work I produce. It’s taken a lot of mess and molding to get me to where I am now. Admittedly, growth is uncomfortable but it’s endlessly humbling to recognize and embrace a teachable heart.

I could actually throw in cliché but uber essential tips for young adults like allocate 20% of your monthly salary to your savings (which I *try* to do) or make a 5-year plan, but that’s for another entry – when I’ve become more disciplined…in due time. But this, I do give you: reminders you can tuck in your heart when you have idle days, when you’re struggling, and when you’re allowing someone else’s standard of worth and purpose be your own.

  • Time is not running out.

There is enough time for me. There is enough time for you. With everybody’s activities and, yes, progress sprawled out on platforms for you to digest, it’s easy to forget how your timeline is uniquely yours. This is not a competition; you can actually be happy for your friend’s successes – just saying. Maybe you don’t like who you are right now because you’re too busy looking at other people’s social media highlight reel than your heart.

“You are allowed to admire the voices of other people but be weary of when you begin clinging to those voices to give you your own. The people you’re watching on the internet won’t show up to live your life for you. You’ve got to move. You still have things to say. Don’t kill the stories before they’re even told.” (Hannah Brencher)

We will, eventually, get to a point in our lives when we can be proud of the work we’ve managed to produce through the years. If the time is not now, good, it means we need to make peace with the glory that has yet to arrive. Maybe, we aren’t ready. Maybe, there are things corrupting our hearts that we have to let go of. Maybe this is, always and in all ways, His sovereign protection. Our finiteness – limited by reason and result – cannot comprehend it now but some day, may it be soon, we will. God, in His limitless mercy and compassion, will not leave us this way.

  • It’s okay to not be busy. 

The past few weeks have been an incessant blur. I’ve been covering one event after the other, finishing my Saturday classes, and meeting self-made deadlines for the blog. It took a toll on me when I found myself bedridden Monday morning due to a fever. Believe it or not, I was praising the Heavens for my unexpected sickness – eventually cured by Judy’s vlogs, sleep, and Earl Grey Tea.

In a world where sleepless nights and ungodly work hours are badges of honor, give yourself the luxury to rest. Your health and sanity are more important than your deadlines. Sometimes, you can be preoccupied but not actually be productive. It’s okay not to be busy. Take an hour or 2 to catch up on Riverdale, get a crazy 10-Step Skin Care Routine, go on a day trip,  just rest. Okay? Okay.

  • It’s never too late to learn something new. 

It took a few years for me to educate myself with everything beauty. After much time binge-watching YouTube videos and reading blogs,


Product Empties: Beauty and Skin Care

It’s been a good year diligently collecting emptiesgathering products I love –  and found myself grieving over, upon its material death – and others, which I finished for the sake of a clear conscience. The paper bag was accumulating filth that I really had to complete this entry. Lo and behold, my trash!

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Micellar Water 

*L’Oréal Micellar Water in Moisturizing (Watsons, P225)

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Favorites, Lately

In an attempt to produce more organic entries, I’m adding a new series to regularly update you guys with beauty and skin care products I’m loving. From underrated drugstore gems to holy grail status must-haves, I’ve got you covered! Before another month discovering new products and, maybe, rekindling my love for old ones, here are some things I’ve been obsessing over all year.

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