She Makes Him Known

in at May 1, 2016

Today, I give you She Makes Him Known, a product of months of labor and years of unquestionable growth.

When I created my first blog seven years ago – a month before I started university – it was a safe place for me to document my process of healing. I was a young girl completely lost in her emotions; the only way I could make sense of my reality was through writing. I documented this season solely for myself until I slowly (and unintentionally) built an audience. I found out that many were, at that time, going through the same turmoil – the big, magical blessing of shared brokenness. People need hope. People need to feel understood. People need empathy.

Through time, I discovered that this public platform may be used to fill people’s hearts with love and light. Ultimately, by bravely sharing my faith, I tether my passions and every individual’s deep need for God. I spent years silencing my inner demons and finally had the courage to move. I started this and am continuing the unbelievably good work of the Lord in my life.

Welcome to my new home. I hope that you find a part of yourself in it – and Jesus too.

For the Lord will cause something new to happen – (she) will embrace her God. (Jeremiah 31:22)

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Elisa Aquino

Elisa Aquino is a portrait photographer, life(style) writer, passion blogger, and beauty rookie from Manila, Philippines. This platform exists to document her daily musings and to showcase the life-changing power of grace to transform women from ashes to beauty.