God’s will is whatever.

in at August 9, 2015

God’s will is whatever.

Every time I am crippled with fear and anxiety, I am filled with peace knowing this is the effervescent truth.

For years, I have troubled myself believing that my choices are either in accordance to His will or they are not.

That is very paralyzing.

How do you move knowing that your choice may lead to a life filled with struggle and misery? How do you console yourself when everything is going exactly the opposite of how you wanted, how you envisioned your life to be? How do you steady your heart when you are drowning in self-doubt and insecurity because of your choice you faithfully prayed about?

Our faith becomes stale and listless when we wait for a promise that was never delivered in the first place. We distance ourselves from God when our prayers remain unanswered and unfulfilled. We feed our pain with comforting lies.

This is the truth. His will is exactly in accordance with our choices.

His will is for you to choose a job that later on, you may end up hating, knowing full well that your colleague needs you to get closer to Him. His will is for you to fail that exam you stayed up all night for, to shatter your pride and leave you broken, for Him. His will is for you to get your heart carelessly broken because He needs you to understand that He alone can fill your emptiness.

Life is filled with countless of detours.

He is great enough to tether these seemingly random events, which always end up pointing to His reality, His presence, His holiness.

Now take that fear, it no longer serves you. You are now free.

This post is inspired by Elevation Church’s message entitled ‘God’s Will is Whatever.’ I watched this a year ago, and it completely changed my perspective.

Elisa Aquino

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