An Introvert’s Guide to Growing Your Influence

When I tell people I’m an introvert, they either laugh or shake their heads in disbelief – ako rin, actually. I won’t even try to sugarcoat it, I can be loud and talkative…with people I’m comfortable with. I’m pretty sociable, and I find myself *awkwardly* pursuing conversations with strangers or acquaintances before the other party […]

Being Intentional in A “Busy” Culture

I used to take so much pride in being busy. Man, I was doing a whole lot. I was juggling university, an internship, freelance work, and my blog. I actually lost so much weight because I didn’t even have the time to eat. I may have distanced myself from so much people who needed me. […]

Honesty Hour: Am I only going places for social media?

I am terribly afraid of becoming a person who only goes places because it is good content and attention for my social media platforms. There, I said it. At the beginning of the year, I promised myself I would stop my senseless spending (on books, beauty products, clothing) and take my hard-earned money and start […]

When You Don’t Live Up to Your Expectations

I already had my future planned. At 23, I would be (successfully) self-employed. I would have my own studio juggling one project after another – completely lost in this whirlwind of captivating busyness, which brought me instant validation for years. I would have the luxury to write from home or whichever part of the world […]

Deserving Delay

In all seasons of my life, I have waited, I wait, and I will wait. My restless heart wanders aimlessly and lands on people’s doorsteps where I never belong. I turn sadness into beauty, signs into full-fledged answers, and prayers into excuses. It has been painful, heartwrenching, and self-destructive. There are really bad days when it […]

Finding Purpose in Discontent

There are days when work is simply tolerable, days when it is purposeless, days when it fills your heart – no matter what job you have, it happens. Growing up and taking responsibility for your life and your everyday choices means understanding that you cannot always find joy in what you do. Some days, you […]

Blogging in 2015: Lonely, Irrelevant, and Uninspired

I have a couple of drafts I’ve been working on for the past year(s) that I’ve completely neglected. It may be my fleeting interest, my sparse (even nonexistent) emotions, my lack of passion, my post (full-time) work exhaustion or all of the aforementioned. I’ve spent a copious amount of time staring at my screen, purging […]