Reading List: Life-Changing Books on Creativity

Let’s face it, there are plenty of things that hinder us from being creative: practicality, financial security, equipment, an 8-hour desk job, unsupportive peers, and the list goes on. In truth, all are fairly reasonable. However, a life without creativity produces discontent. But please, before anything else, don’t limit creativity to what we call “the arts.” As […]

#Bestof2015: Literature

It is officially 2016, my friends. I am sitting on a wooden high stool with my faithful 3-in-1 coffee, loudly typing – currently obsessed with my salmon-colored nails – and listening to Rudimental’s We the Generation, surrounded by family, completely oblivious to their topic of conversation. 2015 was, again, a spectacular year for literature. I […]

The Year of Literature

2015 was personally an incredible year for literature. My Goodreads account has never been more (ab)used. I discovered the enamoring world of graphic novels – many thanks to the fiercely beautiful and thought-provoking Daytripper by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá. I was acquainted with the works of Adrian Tomine, Emily Carroll, and Daniel Clowes, to name […]