Forgive me, I am only human.

Forgive me, for bearing all my heart’s scars from lost wars, for romanticizing pain until it envelops me, making me lose sight of Your bloodied hands, Your tattered ribs, while You gasp for oxygen, for light, and for Purpose. Forgive me, for taking love that isn’t mine to keep, reaching out for hands to hold […]

God’s will is whatever.

God’s will is whatever. Every time I am crippled with fear and anxiety, I am filled with peace knowing this is the effervescent truth. For years, I have troubled myself believing that my choices are either in accordance to His will or they are not. That is very paralyzing. How do you move knowing that […]

Please don’t give me love

Please don’t give me love when the kind of love I desire is something I want to possess out of fear – fear that nothing better will come, fear that it will end up just like the others I have received, and fear that I deserve to “settle.“ Please remind me that the kind of […]

The Power Of A Quiet Testimony

Yesterday, I was asked to share my life story with my Church. I was hesitant at first. That was a part of my life I’ve completely let go of and unearthing it felt unnecessary. Furthermore, I’ve heard more powerful testimonies than mine – getting raped by family members as a child, losing (both) parents in […]