God’s will is whatever.

God’s will is whatever. Every time I am crippled with fear and anxiety, I am filled with peace knowing this is the effervescent truth. For years, I have troubled myself believing that my choices are either in accordance to His will or they are not. That is very paralyzing. How do you move knowing that […]

Please don’t give me love

Please don’t give me love when the kind of love I desire is something I want to possess out of fear – fear that nothing better will come, fear that it will end up just like the others I have received, and fear that I deserve to “settle.“ Please remind me that the kind of […]

The Power Of A Quiet Testimony

Yesterday, I was asked to share my life story with my Church. I was hesitant at first. That was a part of my life I’ve completely let go of and unearthing it felt unnecessary. Furthermore, I’ve heard more powerful testimonies than mine – getting raped by family members as a child, losing (both) parents in […]