Progress Over Perfection

We were created for exceptionally great things – because we were designed by an even greater God. But more often than not, the pathway to greatness involves terrible first drafts, overexposed photographs, lifeless audition reels, and the list continues. Unfortunately, a lot of these don’t even get to see the light of day because human […]

Finding God in My Unremarkable Days

At the beginning of the week, I was a wretched mess. I found myself alone inside the chapel of my Church wrestling with Jesus, crying out, echoing the same sentiments again and again, desperately yearning for better circumstances. I welcomed fear and anxiety to dwell deep within the crevices of my heart. With an empty […]

But, Do I Really Want to “Make Him Known”?

A few weeks ago, I changed my username on Instagram and Twitter. If I didn’t just renew my hosting and domain – which took a huge chunk from my pay – I would’ve done the same for my blog. During the early days of my entire rebrand, as I was praying for a title, She […]

Bible Reading for Beginners

Reading the Bible is an endless act of humbling yourself by laying down your lies, in order to seek a truth that could go on without you. Author-blogger extraordinaire, Hannah Brencher, said that, not me. No truer words have been said. A rediscovery of my faith in 2011 brought me to the saving pages of the Bible. […]

God’s Not Done with Me Yet: When Faith-Filled People Battle Depression

It all started with a blog entry. I love Christ, why am I still depressed? started a conversation with a number of people – most especially Christians. Apparently, this topic doesn’t receive much recognition from the Church. People shy away from discussing mental health issues because, supposedly, it presents a weak kind of faith. I entertained […]

Single, Faithful, and Not Waiting

If you were to tell my younger self that at 24, I would still be single with no manliligaw nor a prospect whatsoever, I’d think you’re crazy. At 19, I thought I was *gasp* ready for a relationship. How difficult would it be? (At 15, I had a manliligaw who called me every day on our red telephone. […]

When God Feels like An Afterthought

There will be a distinct time in your life when you finally come to understand who God is and more importantly, how He loves you. This does not necessarily mean that you will go through life sure of all things. The rock that you stand from may be firm and unshakeable but there will be […]

When Your Misery Becomes Your Ministry

I struggled with depression early on in my life. There were no wild moments, which caused this relentless, even crippling awareness of life and its breadth. I come from a good, nurturing family, an established high school yet time and time again, I found myself undeniably sad. On good days, I was simply brooding yet […]

She Makes Him Known

Today, I give you She Makes Him Known, a product of months of labor and years of unquestionable growth. When I created my first blog seven years ago – a month before I started university – it was a safe place for me to document my process of healing. I was a young girl completely lost […]