Review: Morphe 35O Eyeshadow Palette

in at November 30, 2016


(Morphe 35O Eyeshadow Palette from Stuff in Style, P2,020)

Putting on eyeshadow frustrated me for the longest time. It took me years – and countless of YouTube videos – to learn how to apply eye make-up. It took so much prodding to get out of my basic eyelash curler-and-mascara routine. But, here we are now – a stack of palettes later – madly in love with shadows. I actually feel naked without any on. And, I hope the same for you.

Finding a good, fluffy eyeshadow brush is essential. I either use the F&S Large Eyeshadow Brush (P150) I purchased months ago in the drugstore or the Wet n Wild Crease Brush (P180) I hauled along with the palette – plus other brushes from the same collection. Both work perfectly with matte and shimmer eyeshadows.

The Morphe 35O Eyeshadow Palette is a dream. You can be a beauty rookie, like myself, a professional make-up artist, or a YouTube beauty guru and need this in your collection. It has an amazing range of warm-toned colors with both matte and shimmer shades. You can create a myriad of eye looks for both daytime and nighttime! Some shades are chunkier while others deliver just a subtle radiance. There’s a shade for every occasion, every feeling! The lighter, white shades also double as highlighters, and they are blowing my mind.

The shadows are incredibly buttery yet doesn’t crease – unlike cheaper shadows – even without the use of an eyeshadow primer. They’re easy to apply and blend seamlessly. I find that this works best with MAC Fix Plus to add even more pigmentation. Best of all, it stays on all day!

A downside is the size. It’s so big that it can be overwhelming – especially for beginners. It’s not travel-friendly at all! Some colors also look very similar. But, yes, I do love, love, love it! It’s also unbelievably cheap considering how much you’re getting and how superior the quality is. What a bargain! I do plan on getting another palette and with cool-toned colors this time, for sure.


Elisa Aquino

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