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in at November 27, 2015

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Am I dreaming or am I dreaming?

My unceasingly kind, generous, loving mother and I are finally at the stage of our relationship where she spontaneously gives me beauty products out of the goodness of her gracious heart. Bless her.

A few weeks ago, she came home from her last (!) business trip for the year. Before flying home from Singapore, we had a little chat (you are golden, Facebook) whilst she was walking around Changi Airport, and she uttered the magical words which were, “What do you want from the NARS counter?” I may have lost it.

The NARS Audacious Lipsticks are possibly the best lipsticks in the market according to trusted sources aka YouTubers. They are available in 40 shades ranging from everyday nudes and bright pinks to bold reds and eccentric purples. They are expensive ($32 on the website, P1,6K in local counters) but the formula is one-of-a-kind that every beauty collector can and will find a reason to *cough* justify their purchase.

The lip products are extremely pigmented and very true to color from just a single swipe. The texture is so creamy; they apply so smoothly without settling on your lip’s fine lines. They also make the lips look more plump because of its satin finish.

I am also impressed with the unique packaging. I love the matte-black sleek bullet with a magnetic closure. When you put the products side by side, they form the word NARS, which is pretty cool.


Angela is a magenta pink, reminiscent of (a very muted) Radiant Orchid – Pantone’s Color of the Year 2014. It looks particularly great on my morena skin although it is marketed for cool-toned skin. This color may be overwhelming for those who prefer milder colors – I have wild lip color choices – but it is so beautiful!


I already have enough reds but Vera is such a unique type of red. It is a bright raspberry dream – possibly my favorite among the two lip colors. It looks amazing with an everyday nude or a dramatic, glowy look. You may just see me wearing this color for the next few weeks, or so I think.

The Audacious Lipsticks do not claim to be long-lasting (because they are so creamy) although beauty gurus say they do last the entire day so I was verily disappointed when it started smudging after around 3-4 hours – meals included. Again, these aren’t matte so manage your expectations. They do leave a stain but the longer I had them on (with a matching cold), the more the product transferred and faded, especially towards the center. You will need to reapply it after meals so better just bring the bullet/s with you.

The colors are so unique, the color payoff is amazing. I just wish that the staying power would have been longer for the price but then, this lasts longer than any of my other (creamy) lipsticks. With all honesty, I still plan to buy more colors: Anna, Jane, and Bette for now.

If you plan on getting your first luxury lip products, I would go with MAC lipsticks (mattes are the best) rather than the above mentioned because they are significantly cheaper and they last longer. But, I do love them. Yes, I do.

I hope you found this review useful! If you have tried them, tell me what you think!

Elisa Aquino

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