Beauty Haul: MAC lipsticks (2)

in at January 10, 2016

(Ruby Woo, Whirl, and Stone)

I have a deep fondness for matte lipsticks. Sure, they dry my lips after a long day, they mercilessly stain my cup of coffee, but I would not trade it for anything else – except the occasional cream and satin bullet.

In 2015, MAC relaunched their Matte Lip Collection, which includes 21 glorious shades – six in the retro matte finish – all of which are permanent. The new releases include Naturally Transformed, Men Love Mystery, Tropic Tonic, D For Danger, Persistence, Antique Velvet, Matte Royal, and two of my purchases, Whirl and Stone. These particular colors have been sold out everywhere ever since its release that I had to have mine purchased abroad (Singapore) a few months ago.

Retro matte is starting to become a personal favorite next to the original matte formula; I also have Relentlessly Red and Flat Out Fabulous. It does not transfer – applying lip balm beforehand does make it transfer a little bit – and the lines on my lips are not defined unlike cheaper matte lipsticks and liquid lipsticks available in the market.

Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo is a a very matte vivid blue-red. With all honesty, I did not need it because I already have Russian Red, which (I thought) is a very similar color. The sold-out product because of a certain Maine Mendoza was a surprise (along with the other bullets) from an ‘AlDub’ fanatic mother. Apparently, I needed the signature Yaya Dub lips – I’m not complaining, at all.

Russian Red vs. Ruby Woo

Russian Red and Ruby Woo are similar reds – both are ridiculously pigmented – but from experience, they are pretty different.

Russian Red, a bluish-red, has a one-of-a-kind creamy matte formula. It applies like a dream. It is more neon. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it makes my lips fuller, and I already have such plump lips. I used it the entire day – 11 hours in total – with plenty of eating and sipping on straws involved, and there were no signs of feathering.

Ruby Woo is more lightweight; it feels like you have no product on your lips.  It is a universal red; it looks perfectly good on all skin tones. I needed more coats aside from a single swipe to perfect the application. It leaves a great stain but product fades towards the center throughout the day – reapplication is necessary.


The grunge lipstick trend has made a comeback that Whirl – a dirty rose – is the perfect every day, warm brown lip color. I actually set this aside for a few months because it was so dark and dull for my morena skin. I tried it again recently and fell in love. It is the type of lip color you pair with the right make-up – a slightly bronzed, highlighted face with a good shimmer eyeshadow and really big lashes in my case. The most similar color that I have is MAC’s Creme in Your Coffee, which is more on the mauvy side. This was drying on the lips after a whole day’s worth of wear but nothing a good Carmex lip balm can’t fix.


Stone is a more complicated lip color that you can either really love or hate – there is no in between. It is a muted grayish taupe brown that can make your lips look really pale, depending on your skin color. I had trouble covering my already pigmented lips so it needs more than a single swipe to get its full opacity. From recent tutorials and reviews, beauty gurus say that Stone is best worn with really dramatic eye make-up, which I have yet to try.

Anyway, any New Year beauty resolutions? I’d love to hear yours (while I try to formulate mine). Thank you for reading!

Elisa Aquino

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