She Makes Him Known - Exploring Home: Wawa Dam, Montalban

Exploring Home: Wawa Dam, Montalban


An hour and a half away from home is Wawa Dam in Rodriguez, Rizal – a place for an unbelievably cheap, enthralling adventure for those itching for a quick getaway from the rowdy streets of Manila. I spent less than P300 during the trip, which included: my Montalban jeepney ride from Marikina (P27), a Wawa tricycle (P20/head), an entrance fee (P2), and a rental fee for a tent (P150); the area abounds with sari-sari stores in case you forget to bring food. I find this so ridiculous, I could have ordered two drinks at Starbucks!

It takes 15-20 minutes of walking from the entrance before arriving at the dam itself. For those allergic to trekking and other more strenuous activities (like asthmatic me), this is particularly easy to traverse through. The only dangerous part about the entire trip was climbing down the rocks to get to the dam, which does not take much time. For the more adventurous folks, climbing Mt. Pamintinan (in the same area) may be another option; tour guides say it takes approximately 4-5 hours.

My half-day Valentine’s weekend with one of my best friends, Boch, was truly unforgettable. Sharing our thoughts on the Divine, on life, and the essence of passion and work under the “falls” – in my gym attire – is all I needed to remember how loved I am. I am reminded that every day is an opportunity to celebrate Love – to be so full of it that it overflows. May we let Love embrace us and let it become a habit, a response, and more so, a reflex.

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